J.H. Cockerell Consulting Engineers

Equipotential Bonding Reports & Upgrades

Electrical safety is extremely important in and around public swimming pools. Australian Standards require that metal in and around swimming pools have equipotentially bonding.

Equipotential bonding is the practice of electrically interconnecting and grounding metallic objects in and around the pool. This is to ensure that if an electrical earth fault occurs, the current can be safely diverted away from bathers.

Some public swimming pools, especially older pools, have been constructed with either faulty or no equipotential bonding system, leaving bathers at risk and councils liable. Inadequate equipotential bonding in Australian swimming pools has in the past lead to electric shock and even death in some cases.

J.H.Cockerell has recently completed the following recent Equipotential Bonding Reports:

  • Beaudesert Aquatic Centre
  • Canungra Aquatic Centre
  • Mt. Tamborine Aquatic Centre

J.H.Cockerell has recently upgraded to current Australian Standards, the equipotential bonding of two pools that had reported problems with stray current at the Beaudesert Aquatic Centre.