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J.H. Cockerell Consulting Engineers


Having provided Councils and Schools with advice on their pools for over 35 years, we are well qualified to offer a broad range of specialist services for both pools and their water treatment plants.

What is the condition of your pool?

If your organisation has a pool used by the public, then you have a duty of care to know the following:

  1. Does the pool have any potential health risks for bathers?
  2. Is the pool loosing a significant amount of water through leaks in either the pool or the pool’s pipework.
  3. What is the remaining useful life of the pool and the water treatment plant, to allow planning for their replacement?

Together with the extensive experience and expertise of Managing Director, Mr Allan Cockerell, Council has successfully delivered this project to the Inglewood community on time and within budget. Council looks forward to enjoying this valuable asset with the Goondiwindi Regional Community well into the future