Local Buy

Local Government Regulation stipulates requirements of Councils when entering into Contracts. Through “Local Buy” a Local Government may enter into a contract without first inviting written quotes or going out to Tender.

J. H. Cockerell Pty Ltd was appointed to Local Buy’s Planning, Design & Architectural Consultancy Services – Contract BUS 245-0314. Under Planning, Design & Architectural Consultancy services, J.H. Cockerell has been awarded the following categories:

  • Planning – Infrastructure Planning
  • Design – Urban, Rural and Regional

Through Local Buy, we can now offer Councils the following services for their new and existing Aquatic Centres;

  • Infrastructure Planning and Management
  • Design and Documentation
  • Construction Quality Control
  • Technical Audits of Existing Facilities

J. H. Cockerell Pty Ltd was also appointed to Local Buy’s Engineering Consultancy Services – Contract BUS 226-0212.
Through Local Buy, J.H. Cockerell can now offer Councils Structural Engineering Services for their new and existing Aquatic Centres.