Setting the standard for Public Pool Engineering

Based on hundreds of audits of public pools Australia wide we have determined the top five design defects are:

1.) Sub-standard pool water treatment plants, that fail to comply with public health guidelines.
2.) Inadequate water circulation in the pool.
3.) Excessive and avoidable use of chlorine.
4.) High operational and asset maintenance costs.
5.) Substantial daily pool water loss due to engineering design failures.

Risks associated with the above defects can be reduced or eliminated with affordable solutions protecting your investment and extending the pools economic life.

Most recently, we are being engaged to report on large, newly completed aquatic facilities with extensive problems occurring inside contract defects liability periods.

JH Cockerell has a strong reputation for superior attention to detail when it comes to assessing, auditing and reporting on public pools whether in relation to design and construction of the pool or the pool water treatment plant.

So many pools, so little quality, so much waste...

The astronomic cost of not using standards, can easily be avoided.